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"Canada Goose" 4 Color Block Print

75 USD

This ongoing series of animals focuses on taking the animal form to its simplest shape.

Edition of 25
Four Color Block Print
Stonehenge Kraft Paper
1/2" handling border Left, Right, and Top
1 1/4" handling border, deckled edge Bottom
Numbered bottom left, Titled bottom center, Signed bottom right

This includes:

- (1) 15" x 11" Four color block print

*All orders are shipped on Friday.
The print will be covered with a sheet of glassine and then wrapped in another sheet of glassine. It will then be attached to a stiff board to prevent movement during shipping. This will all be placed between two pieces of cardboard and wrapped in heavy duty brown paper.

*All prints are hand produced. While there will never be extreme differences, not one is alike. All photos are an accurate representation of what you will receive.

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